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Beautiful Birth Announcement | Quinn Iris

Beautiful Birth Announcement | Quinn Iris
August 1, 2016 Tied & Two
In Stationery, Tied & Two News

Tied & Two had a very special addition back in June. My second child, Quinn Iris Rehnlund, arrived two weeks early on June 6th, 2016 at 11:25 am.

As I said, this is my second child— I already have a son. Even though she’s only eight weeks old, the differences between them are starting to become apparent. My son, Archer, is two and ALL boy. He is rough, tough, and LOUD. He likes running and screaming, and cars and trains, and wrestling with his daddy. I know she’s just a baby, but Quinn already seems different, quieter some how… She usually sleeps through all of Archer’s ruckus, but occasionally when something really loud happens, I’ll see her furrow her eyebrows, like, “That’s too much, Brother…” And even though they are almost identical in their looks, there’s a softness to Quinn, more feminine and pretty.


When I was designing her birth announcement, I really wanted to portray those features I had already noticed; quiet, reserved, soft, feminine and pretty. I used a beautiful calligraphy font called Adelicia Script, with (of course!) my all-time favorite, Baskerville. I chose a soft pink and paired with a warm gray-brown to minimize contrast between the colors while still insuring readability. The watercolor florals were a last minute addition but definitely added some feminine flare. I’m very happy with the way floral bouquet accentuated the envelope addressing.



Lauren and I liked it so much we decided to add it to our Etsy Shop. We hope you do too!


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