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Getting Personal in 2018

Getting Personal in 2018
January 2, 2018 Tied & Two
In Inspiration, Tied & Two News

In 2017, we set a goal to be more present on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram not only to promote our services, but to gain inspiration from and network with other creatives in the wedding and marketing industries. We followed businesses we aspire to grow to be similar to and those whose uniqueness we admire, as well as our customers with whom we formed relationships with.

As we watched Instagram stories and read posts from photographers, calligraphers, and other graphic designers, we noticed a “trend” that we personally don’t even feel should be considered a “trend” due to its, well, personal nature. That’s personality. We, Kari and Lauren, always felt some sort of separation between our business and personal lives. We keep to ourselves on social media and although you see photos of our products and sometimes our workspaces at home, no one knows much about Kari and Lauren… only Tied & Two, LLC.

Towards the end of 2017, we came to terms with the fact the entire reason why we embarked on the adventure that is Tied & Two is because of our personal lives. The phases of life we are going through as women encouraged our business venture and everything it is. We ultimately pursued our dream of starting our own stationery and branding company out of our desire to continue our passion for art and design while spending as much possible time as we can with our families–most importantly our young children. In the end, it doesn’t really make sense that we [unintentionally] “hid” our lives from our audience because our personal lives are the very reason we are here in the first place.

That being said, aside from quantitative goals, we have an important goal for 2018 to connect and engage more with our audience on a personal level. We look forward to meeting you!


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